With an experienced social media agency at your behest, you would have enhanced chances of producing the desired results. However, a lack of experience in a social media agency would require you to inquire about their experience of working in a similar business arena or industry. The social media agency should have a decent idea about the industry that you are dealing in. The social media agency having adequate experience should be your best bet for enhancing your chances of reaching the targeted audience. They should have adequate experience in working in an industry that entails targeting other businesses.

The company having experience would be a better fit for your social media program. It would be imperative that you work with a company that would consult a strategy with you and executes it. The benefits of social media marketing could work for your business. The question would be how to hire a company that would create the strategy, execute the strategy, and modifies the strategy until it works in your favor. You should inquire the companies about any backup plan if the strategies failed to perform as planned. Are they willing to re-do the strategies or look forward to offering free cancellation? You would require a partner that could identify the potential problem and find a suitable solution.